Lean Drinks Part 4@ Cebit

Die vierte „Lean Drinks“ Veranstaltung findet am 11.03.2014 ab 19.00 Uhr auf dem Stand des Edelstalls (Halle 6, Stand H49) auf der Cebit statt. Thema ist dieses Mal:

„The Corporate Startup – How Corporations can achive sustainable disruptive innovation“

Probably the one thing more difficult than building a disruptive new venture, is building one within a existing corporation. The recent economic meltdown provided a strong signal that one-size-fits-all business practices adapted from the Industrial Revolution were no longer adaptive in economic environments that are characterized by rapid change and conditions of extreme uncertainty. An important question this talk focuses on is: if established companies are setup to execute known business models, then is it possible for them to simultaneously develop entrepreneurial practices within the same organization? and if so how?

We are happy to welcome two amazing speakers:

About Dan Toma 

Coming from an entrepreneurial background – having been involved with Hi-Tech & Internet start-ups across the world and being a entrepreneurship community leader in Europe – Dan Toma has a clear understanding of the challenges involved in building sustainable businesses from the ground up. In the years following his graduation from a top MBA program, he started focusing more on enterprise innovation management, specifically on how disruptive new ventures can be build in a corporate setting.

About Daniel Bartel

As a Design Thinker and Entrepreneur, Daniel Bartel (@danbar87) provides talks and trainings in these topics as well as in Lean Startup and Business Innovation. He joint Alexander Osterwalders’ Strategyzer-Team – an online tool for the best-selling book ‘Business Model Generation’. After leaving his p2p-Carsharing-Startup where he worked on the pirate metrics that lead to success, he founded the ‘Institute for Business Innovation’ (http://ifbi.eu) in order to help companies innovate like a Startup. Daniel Bartel is also a Facilitator of Events like the Business Innovation Hackathon, Startup Weekend & Leancamp. His voluntary work around the globe is perfect for fostering his local Startup Community in Stuttgart, Germany.

For entrance Cebit tickets don’t hesitate to contact thorsten.ramus@hannoverimpuls.de

Hier der Link zur Anmeldung: http://www.eventbrite.de/e/lean-drinks-tickets-10793298045

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